Hello, I'm Georgie

About me

There was a time when I never felt good enough, for anything really…

Today though, I’m a dedicated and proud business owner, mum, wife, sister, friend and Trustee of a charitable foundation. I’m on a mission to guide women to build confidence, recognise their capabilities and channel their strength into creating lives they love.

Why Shift?

Having spent over a decade specialising as a Health, Fitness, and Lifestyle Coach, building deep connections with my clients, I noticed a recurring pattern: they would often use their external circumstances to explain why they weren’t achieving their desired outcomes. But I knew external factors weren’t the real problem. It was a lifetime’s collection of acquired limiting beliefs.

Coming at a time my own journey of personal growth was advancing greatly, this proved to be a eureka moment, and SHIFT was born.

So, How Did I Get Here?

I grew up with my Mum and brother. I was deeply loved and cared for, surrounded by good friends and a supportive family.

And yet, I never, ever felt good enough

My parents split when I was one. As far as I knew my dad was a decent bloke. Still, the many Sunday mornings, sitting in the living room with my coat and shoes on, looking out of the window waiting to be picked up, only to realise he wasn’t coming, taught me I wasn’t good or important enough.

I always felt like the outsider looking in

Despite having close friends at school, I always felt on the periphery of the group. forever going along with the crowd and being the girl I thought others wanted me to be.

Out of my shell and into the pubs and clubs

As I grew older, I learned to mask my insecurities. I was life and soul of the party, always so much fun, a great laugh. I was having a ball.

But, away from the dance floor, I was struggling with depression and was put on medication in my early teens.

Cue soul sapping jobs, lack of motivation and a generous helping of anxiety

After college, with no real direction, I fell into various jobs, eventually landing in marketing via a stint in sales. My career followed a specific pattern, great people, dull work. I loved the people, the camaraderie, I was great with it, if I felt able to help someone, I was happy. But for the most part, I felt totally unfulfilled. Disconnected.

Amid this came the end of a once-happy relationship that turned sour, with intense panic attacks consuming me for years. This eventually led to my brave decision to walk away from everything I owned, with just a car boot full of my belongings and culminating in a £50k bankruptcy court order.

Pause and recalibrate

New start, new relationship. After my daughter made her wonderful, everything I ever wanted, grand entrance, I knew I needed more. I didn’t want to leave her to go back to work in a job I couldn’t give a sh*t about.

I had always trained. Moving my body was one of the healthier ways I coped with anxiety. So, instead of going back to the office, I decided to follow my passion and hit the gym, this time as a Personal Trainer.

Enter Georgie, the deeply therapised, highly qualified, Health, Fitness and Lifestyle Coach

The first incarnation of the new me was born. Shortly followed by my precious son, the absolutely delicious icing on the family cake. As a business owner, wife and mother I felt like I was on the right path, gaining confidence and – after many different therapies – experiencing a breakthrough in dealing with childhood traumas.

Fast forward to April 2019, the height of the COVID pandemic. I found myself curled up on the floor, trembling, gripped by an overwhelming sense of panic. All my past anxieties came rushing back, paralysing me like a punch in the gut. It was at that moment I knew something needed to change, drastically. I decided to take control of my life. That’s when everything shifted.

Determination ignited. I dived headfirst into a learning journey towards my own healing and growth

Immersing myself in anything and everything I could find; books and podcasts, investing in courses and coaching with the best practitioners around. Embracing meditation, tapping, gratitude, affirmations, new routines, and breath-work. I learned how to tune into my own deep guiding intuition and rewrite my limiting stories.

I found not only solace and relief from anxiety, but a new zeal for life. It was like opening a door to a whole new world and I was there for it.

I’m Georgie, Life Design Strategist

In overcoming anxiety, cutting out people-pleasing, and rising from the depths of despair, I’d discovered my passion for helping other women recognise the depth of their capabilities so they too they could confidently follow their chosen paths and create lives they love

Drawing on my own experience, research, application, and healing, I developed the SHIFT Life Design System™—a straightforward framework designed to foster and support genuine personal growth.

It’s a privilege to witness the phenomenal transformations my clients achieve. Nothing brings me more joy and fulfilment than empowering other women with the tools and s they need to create lives they love.

The SHIFT Life Design System™ offers you the support, knowledge, tools, and strategies to navigate your unique journey of self-discovery and change


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Georgie is brilliant! Passionate and very knowledgeable, full of positivity, empathetic, open-minded and a load of fun! I have truly benefitted from her support, both in my personal and professional life. I could not recommend her highly enough

— Sophie


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